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The Class of Northern Ohio!

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SandTown is a Professional, Elite Motown & Oldies Show! Step back into yesterday's greatest Motown favorites and Oldies classics, as SandTown shares their talent and lifetime of music. Known for their excellent harmonies, danceable set lists, and stellar live performances, they have made quite a name for themselves.This group is beginning their 4th year and has performed over 300 shows in Northern Ohio.  Playing LIVE instruments/vocals with no sequencing or pre-recorded tracks, SandTown brings a new raw energy and sound to the standards from a bygone era!  SandTown consists of Lead Vocalist - Suella Davis,  Guitar/Lead Vocalist - Derek Lykins, Fender Bass - Robbie Davis, Keyboards - Jerry MacDonald, Drums/Percussion - Steve Hockenberry

"Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" - SandTown Style

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Groovin' To the Music!

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"Chain of Fools" - Live at Round House

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"Let's Get It On" - Live by SandTown!

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